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We can offer:

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Support throughout the machine lifecycle
  • Seamless safety compliance

We can help protect your business

Accidents in the workplace can cause major problems for your business, ranging from possible legal action through lost production to impacts on staff morale, corporate reputation and profitability. With TechnoGR Safety Services by your side, you have a head start in protecting your business.

We know legislation

Our knowledge of safety regulation is wide. We know the whole range from European directives to local health and safety standards. We provide advice based on our in-depth knowledge of the issues: advice that is clear, practical and designed to ensure your total compliance at all times, and the risk for senior management is reduced to a minimum.

Safety – because you care

In the 21st century, manufacturers must ensure the safety and security of everyone affected by their business activity. It’s an ethical as well as a legal requirement in the industrial world. Our specialists in TechnoGR Safety Services offer a full safety service package. We support you and your machines during their whole lifecycle, to create a safer industrial world and give you peace of mind.

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